We all know the feeling. How it feels when something we do really makes a difference.

When a big idea forms and inspires you to go completely new ways and make an extra effort.

Or when you feel determined that the work you are doing is going to succeed – no matter the cost.

That feeling of certainty that you will never give up. Every time a door closes, you will find a new and open it. You read everything a little more carefully. Ensures that your work is spotless and delivered before deadline. When you push yourself to do that little, all-important difference; Every day. In all assignments that you take on. You know that in the end the difference is enormous.

That feeling you get when your employee and team are fully dedicated to a project and that´s what makes the crucial difference. Everything gets just a little better than usual because of it. The client gets excited and the result is amazing. It pushes you that bit further that´s needed to win the job in front of the other talented competitors.

I have worked with communications, policy, management and sales since I came out of high school. I have been there during victories and defeats. The victories are for celebration and reflection – the defeats teach you a lesson.

To me, the postscript for both victories and defeats are those defining moments. Those situations where you know that this is the exact moment that will make a difference. This will determine the outcome. Whether it is you doing the work – or it is something you watch others do while taking it all in.

The word “IMPACT” means to have an effect. But it can also mean standing up, imposing something on others, to root or to plant something. It can mean the action or the consequence.

My interpretation of IMPACT is that it´s the essence of what being part of something is about. It is IMPACT that I strive for with my best efforts. And it is IMPACT that I have been keen to do for the people I work for all my life – both as a political player myself, as an advisor to politicians, for business people, as a media advisor, a salesman and as a leader.

Only when I feel in my heart that I have contributed to IMPACT with all that I have in me, I rest assured that I have deserved the responsibility given to me.

I always keep my current and past clients confidential, as well as what projects I have completed at the work places I have been. I also keep to myself what assignments I am working on or have worked on in the past – unless the client specifically chooses to make my role known in the public.

I value this confidentiality, because I strongly believe that being an advisor is the task of working hard to make others succeed – and that is precisely what I love about being one!

In the words of late American President Ronald Reagan:

 “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”