GOLL IMPACT service warranty

  1. What you see – is what you get
    I highly skilled and talented partner walks through the door and impresses on all accounts; with his competences, his analytical level and his oratorical abilities. He makes the sale and get the assignment, and thereafter you never see him again. This is a caricature, but unfortunately it is often a little too close to the truth when it comes to how it is sometimes perceived to use one of the otherwise skilled and professional larger communication agencies. GOLL IMPACT has another approach at. All assignments and services goes through Peter Goll before they are finalized and delivered – and there is therefore not one person responsible for selling the service and another one responsible for delivering it. There is one overall responsible for the deliverables throughout the whole process.
  2. Clear agreements regarding purpose, value and economy – a partnership way of thinking
    Any professional collaboration has a purpose. And when a company or organization invests, the outcome should have a value or generate a profit. It is the responsibility of GOLL IMPACT to ensure full clarity as to what the purpose of the collaboration is, what value it will create for the company and that an economic framework for the collaboration has been set, before entering into a partnership. It is always the goal to ensure that we have discussed and agreed upon the terms of the financial framework and the expected plan of action before – and not after – starting the collaboration.
    Likewise, it is GOLL IMPACT’s responsibility to thoroughly research the business that the company is in or the objectives and missions that an organization works to achieve. That ensures the cooperation in between the commissioner and GOLL IMPACT becomes more than just a customer-supplier relationship; instead it becomes a partnership which aims to create maximum value. GOLL IMPACT works to put focus on creating additional value during the entire collaboration and will actively offer ideas as to how to increase the output value even more than originally planned, every time an opportunity to do so arises.
  3. Confidentiality
    GOLL IMPACT offers full confidentiality in all customer relations and all tasks. As a consequence, it is not possible to pass on references from previous customers. Instead GOLL IMPACT provides an early input on how to solve a specific problem in collaboration with the client
  4. Proactive and structured project management – quick response to mail and telephone
    When GOLL IMPACT takes on a task, you as a client can expect a structured and proactive project management. Deadlines are met and should any changes occur, which means that the delivery or the timing change, you as the client will not be left waiting and wondering; you will be contacted and told of the detailed consequences of the change. Together we will then agree on a re-modelled framework for the collaboration, including new deadlines. All phone calls, text messages and mails that are a matter of urgency will be dealt with within a day.
  5. No conflicts of interest
    GOLL IMPACT is very aware of this possible issue and does not undertake any task that conflicts directly with the interest of existing clients. If GOLL IMPACT have any doubts of whether there may be a conflict of interest taking on a new job, GOLL IMPACT will inform the new client that this is the case, and kindly ask permission to discuss the issue with the existing client – without ever mentioning the existing client´s name. If the existing customer sees no conflict after being briefed and having discussed the issue GOLL IMPACT will ask the existing client´s permission to mention their name – in full confidence – to the new client to test whether they believe there could be a conflict of interest. If both parties agree that there is no conflict, GOLL IMPACT can assume the new task.
  6. Always on my mind
    GOLL IMPACT constantly meet a variety of interesting people with lots of information through networking outside current working projects. As a client of GOLL IMPACT your interests will always be well taken care of and represented in these situations. If there is any information relevant for you as a client which GOLL IMPACT can relay without compromising any confidentiality then you will be informed, with no extra charges.
  7. If GOLL IMPACT does not have the key competence for a given task, we will find another that has
    If GOLL IMPACT assesses that others are better equipped to take on a task that GOLL IMPACT has been trusted with, the client will be informed of this immediately. GOLL IMPACT will generally find a partner who possesses the needed set of special skills that can lift up the collective quality of the project to the desired level – and then offer the client that the collaboration continues with the addition of this partner. Should the client wish to use another service supplier directly GOLL IMPACT is fully open to help ensure that this happens in the best possible way.