GOLL IMPACT offers a variety of basic and typical services offered by communication, organisational and management consultants – as well as a range of specialized services in these fields. Peter Goll has more than 20 years’ experience working as a manager, organisation develops, sales person and advisor. He has in his career always worked with communication tools and socio-political insight as the focal point – and solved a myriad of different tasks in very different industries and sectors. Peter Goll has created tangible results on which he builds his consultancy work and his advice on.

He has:

  • As a leader in politics helped to double an organization in members and revenue.
  • Recruited a three-digit number of employees.
  • Been directly responsibility for or been a senior adviser on national communications campaigns, international product launches or global programs for stakeholders management or Public Affairs.
  • Advised senior executives from some of the world’s largest companies on CEO and board level regarding the handling of complex crisis situations, assisted with corporate communications in connection with major organisational changes, M&A issues, divestments, acquisitions and other financial, organisational changes and changes in ownership.
  • Managed a communication consultancy company and developed it from a handful of employees and a life in the periphery of the Danish communication market to a market-leading agency with the myriad of skills and a large doubled digit number of staff.
  • Has managed other executives and managers and developed international sales processes and has been responsible for the roll out of sales methodology and IT systems to support sales and knowledge sharing.
  • Has had responsibility for sales of complex services delivered to municipalities and worked internationally with sales internationally both within B2C, B2B and B2G.


GOLL IMPACT draws on these experiences in all its service offerings – and combines insights from many years of consultancy work with the skills being provided from having had executive responsibility.