Communication and Public Affairs

In the public debate public institutions, organisations and business behaviour are increasingly intertwined. The public sector must legitimacy itself to the citizens, pollical decision makers and the media. Organisations must do the same – while at the same time representing their members’ interests. Businesses must generate a profit, but in an increasing regulated world, companies are hit by political intervention at the moment when a society demands it.

It therefore becomes increasingly less meaningful to separate a Public Affairs strategy from the overall communication strategy. As a company’s business strategy, an organisations member representation strategy and the public sectors activities are becoming increasingly dependent on public legitimacy, the relationship between business strategy /overall objectives and Communications and Public Affairs strategy are becoming increasingly important.

Peter Goll has for the last 20 years, worked both as an organisation leader in politics and business executive. And he has worked as a top advisor for executives and leaders at all levels to help resolve and carry out both strategic and operational tasks in all the classic communication and public affairs disciplines.

On that background GOLL IMPACT offers both consultancy support and execution when it comes to a number of highly specialized communication and Public Affairs services as well as the most classical one within these areas.