PA strategy and action plan

Peter Goll has worked with politics on many levels. As a young man he himself was active in politics, working as an advisor to both a party leader and a minister.

He has also worked as a lobbyist for more than 15 years. Whether you need to manage business areas that are highly regulated, under special political awareness or you need to sell services to the public sector, it all requires a good plan for dealing with the political stakeholders and cases – and a subsequent strong execution of the plan.

GOLL IMPACT can assist with the entire process of handling both small and very heavy political matters. Peter Goll has experience supporting companies and organizations in virtually every major industry from energy, healthcare and consumer goods over transport, IT and telecommunications, etc. All of it has been politically related work carried out in both Denmark and abroad, with a special focus on the EU.

GOLL IMPACT has good contacts with a very broad range of politicians across all parties – nationally, regionally and locally.