“Plug-in network” and recruitment

The Danish political oriented communication community is in many ways a little bit of an exclusive club where most people know each other. Denmark is a small country, and there is a very limited number of people at high level who possess the specialized skills it takes to be more than a skilled communicator like everyone else, but to be an extraordinary capable leader and specialist in politically orientated communication. Even fewer still have that combined with the network required to be at the top of the field for this type of communication.

There are many talented communication graduates, journalists and people from different academic backgrounds who are adept at communication, and companies, government agencies or organizations can easily find a fine employee amongst them by placing the right advertisement and sift through the applications to find the best candidate in the pile.

But that method fails, if you want one of the very best in the field of community-oriented communication. You have to go out to find just the right candidate yourself, because there are not many people with the exact skills, you need and they are almost all happily employed already.

Peter Goll has worked as an advisor in politics, in business and for the government. He has more than 15 years´ experience as a counselor and has worked in key areas of most all industries and with virtually all major communications disciplines. That is the reason his network in the political communication community is very widely branched with access to a large number of people with very specialized competences.

Peter Goll also has great experience in recruitment and hiring. During his time in politics, he has been responsible for helping to recruit close to a hundred of employees, while the number he has recruited as a business leader ranges in the hundreds and includes both managers and lower level employees.

GOLL IMPACT offers to help find the manager or employee with exactly the specialized skills that is needed. The best-known recruitment agencies are often very adept at finding good managers and specialists in specific industries – but few of them know the political communication community in sufficient detail to know who are the best managers and specialists in which disciplines within that industry.